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Covid-19 Measures

These additional measures  have been put in place to minimise the risk and contact time, ensuring the safety of my clients and myself and will be in place until further notice.  They are in accordance with Government Guidelines, my regulatory body, The British Acupuncture Association (BAA) and my insurers.  

The information below details the new two step process, PPE requirements and Test and Trace procedure.  Appointments will be staggered throughout the day to avoid encountering others and to allow for a thorough disinfectant cleaning between clients.

Anyone who is unwell or shows signs of Covid-19 will be asked not to attend their appointment.

New Clients - Acupuncture  / Massage / Self Acupressure

  1. For new clients, please book a video consultation appointment and an acupuncture treatment appointment using Book Now on the menu tabs

  2. Video/Telephone Consultation will take place to discuss your health details, what help you need from me and to answer any questions you may have

  3. Face to face treatment follows the guidelines below

  4. For new clients for Self-Acupressure please book a video consultation self acupressure appointment which incorporates the treatment plan.


  • Risk Assessment of Covid-19  especially for those of you who are clinically extremely vulnerable (pregnant, elderly or those with chronic health conditions) or live with someone clinically vulnerable.


  • Follow up appointment - the day before send answers to a pre-screen check against Covid-19 symptoms, a picture of your tongue and and update on your symptoms.


  • Consent form required - to give you treatment at a non-social distance.


  • Appointment Reminder - 24 hrs prior to the appointment


  • Face mask/covering to be worn - one can be provided if needed.

  • On arrival to the clinic -  I will greet you opening and closing any doors which are disinfected after each client.


  • Please immediately wash your hands - using soap and water in the bathroom or the automatic hand sanitiser if you prefer.


  • Please remove your shoes - place them on the piece of paper next to the chair.​


  • Maintain a log of clients - who attend an appointment line with government guidelines on Test and Trace.

  • Contact me - if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms within 48 hours of visiting the clinic.  I will then self-isolate and inform my other clients. 

  • Let me know - the test results as soon as possible.  I will either continue to self-isolate or return to work.


  • I develop symptoms - I will self isolate and will ring those clients who I have been in contact with, 48 hours prior, to developing the symptoms. 

  • Self Isolate - if I test positive, otherwise take extra care in practising social distancing, good hygiene and look out for symptoms.

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