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Hello I'm Teresa

The spark to become an acupuncturist started over twelve years ago after successfully having acupuncture to help with morning sickness and to induce labour with my second child.


Not only did the acupuncture help me physically, it also helped me deal with life better emotionally and initially I became interested in using acupressure to help me and my family. From getting my children to sleep, helping with general aches and pains and balancing our emotions when they are difficult to handle.  I was intrigued by what I was experiencing and in 2012 I began to explore ways to leave my job in the financial sector and retrain as an acupuncturist.

With the help of the Alexander Technique, and the Women's Medicine Circle, I took a leap of faith and retrained for three years as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, gaining a degree from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York in 2018.  I'm fully insured, licensed practitioner with Calderdale Council and a member of the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians who are a registrant of the British Acupuncture Federation.


My studies have continued and I've learnt further techniques in Auricular Acupuncture, Paediatric Tuina (Acupressure Massage for Children) and Musculoskeletal Integrative Acupuncture so that I deepen my understanding and assimilate these techniques into my practice to help my clients.  

In 2022 I started a course in Chinese Herbal Medicine with Marina Danilova whose style of herbalism stem from Shang Han Lun as taught by Zheng Qinan, the Fire Spirit School originator.  Excitingly I have recently gained my Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner Certificate so I can now practice herbal medicine.  It has given me a new perspective on Classical Chinese Medicine theory and helped me gain insight into how we can treat a range of health concerns. 


Alongside this I have started to explore and learn about Master Tung acupuncture with Alex Humphries at the Northern College of Acupuncture and have incorporated this style of acupuncture into my practice.  I have found this to be very beneficial in helping clients especially with pain management and chronic issues.

I'm a keen cook and utilise the Chinese Wisdom of food and explore how the food choices we make can support our physical and emotional health and how small changes can have big effects.  

I enjoy learning about different ways to help me grow professionally and personally, helping to increase my knowledge and understanding of myself and others. I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful medicine, and every day I love helping my clients experience the benefits for themselves, and aim to feel more balanced, in Mind-Body-Spirit.

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